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Arrivederci nel 2020 10 sett. - 11 ott.
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14 Septembre Milano

Livia Grandi

Marina Zanetta

Ludovica Riboni

14 Septembre

Marie José Rousset

Laura Sergeant

14 Septembre London

Rebecca Mitchell

Daily Press

Nao Takegata


Beth Massey

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  • Homo Faber 2020 - General Announcement Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future 2020 Living Treasures of Europe and Japan

    10 September –11 October 2020 Fondazione Giorgio Cini San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice, Italy

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Doppia Firma curated by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Doppia Firma: two signatures, one unique artwork as international designers and Italian artisans collaborate creatively

    Doppia Firma is an annual project that brings together innovative designers and master artisans in a creative and cultural exchange, resulting in the realisation of unique contemporary objects

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Next of Europe curated by Jean Blanchaert, designed by Stefano Boeri Homo Faber 2020 spotlights Europe’s finest master artisans who are passing on precious skills to the next generation of aspiring craftspeople in the exhibition Next of Europe

    Europe’s “living treasures” - master artisans who embody the excellence of fine craftsmanship - are found in all corners of the continent. Many are using techniques and knowledge passed down from generation to generation to create contemporary pieces that reflect the genius loci of their territory.

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Magnae Chartae curated by Michele De Lucchi Paper craftsmanship: making its mark for past and future civilisations and imprinting on our imagination at Homo Faber 2020

    In a world increasingly dominated by technology and machines, the significance of paper is celebrated in this imaginative and refined exhibition. Curated by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, the exhibition pays homage to paper crafting – its relevance, diversity and the human hands integral to the creative processes.

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Dressing a Diva curated by Fondazione Giorgio Cini Dressing a diva: the art of crafting a legend of the silver screen

    Rare archival images of the Institute of Theatre and Opera of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and costumes by world-renowned master tailor Stefano Nicolao, honour legendary Italian actress Lyda Borelli

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Pattern of Crafts curated by Sebastian Herkner In the hands of master artisans, a singular vision yields a multiplicity of expression and form

    In Pattern of Crafts at Homo Faber 2020, German designer Sebastian Herkner showcases the important role of fine craftsmanship to the world of interior decoration

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Details: Genealogies of Ornament curated by Judith Clark Marvel at a stunning showcase which celebrates the intricate craftsmanship behind the creation of luxury pieces

    Fashion exhibition designer and curator Judith Clark illuminates the human craftsmanship skills behind precious objects created by 15 world renowned luxury Maisons

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Mechanical Marvels curated by Simon Kidston & Stefano Micelli Craftsmanship and technology in movement: how vintage cars and supercars come to life

    In the exhibition Mechanical Marvels, a new generation of artisans team up with experts and engineers to envision fresh ideas in the creation and restoration of luxury cars.

  • Homo Faber 2020 - Singular Talents - The Red List curated by Michelangelo Foundation Homo Faber spotlights 12 master artisans who are upholding rare and traditional craftsmanship skills

    How should we preserve human skills in the modern world? Through knowledge, understanding, appreciation and recognition. This exhibition acknowledges the craftspeople pursuing age-old techniques rarely used today and their unique place in the world of fine craftsmanship

  • The Michelangelo Foundation joins Venetian Heritage’s #SupportVenice campaign The Michelangelo Foundation joins Venetian Heritage’s #SupportVenice campaign

    In the wake of the damage caused by Venice’s recent high tides, Michelangelo Foundation has pledged its support to Venetian Heritage. The organisation has launched a support Venice campaign to raise funds that will go towards the restoration of Venice’s artistic heritage.

  • Arcades des Arts “Arcades des Arts” One name, two foundations

    The Pont de la Machine is now home to the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship. Renamed "Arcades des Arts", this historical building in downtown Geneva thus becomes a veritable hub of watchmaking and craft culture.