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Join us 10 sept. - 11 oct. 2020
Press Media partners

As part of the Homo Faber experience, visitors will have access to a Press Kiosk offering, for free, a vast selection of magazines, newspapers and specialist publications in several languages relating to the world of fine craftsmanship, design and creativity​.

Press kiosk Television
Hantang - Official TV Partner Shanghai Hantang Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a leading media and services company in China. Guided by its philosophy of “beauty personified, cultivated worldwide”, it took the lead in using video programs to promote East-West cultural exchanges and the art of fine living. Hantang Culture currently produces A World of Excellence (documentary series), The Ultimate Luxury (report program), Fashion Insiders (short films on fashion figures), and runs the lifestyle digital media Hedonist, attracting an audience of more than 1.3 billion thanks to its multichannel platform. Euronews - Official TV Broadcaster Homo Faber is able to highlight the expertise and creativity of the best European artisans and designers thanks to the support of Euronews, Europe’s #1 international news channel which broadcasts its programmes in 12 languages and in more than 163 countries. Sky Arte - Cultural TV Partner in Italy Sky Arte HD (ch. 120 and 400 on Sky’s EPG) is Italy’s first television channel covering the breadth of the arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, theatre, design and any other form of artistic expression, they all feature a single schedule dedicated to both art lovers, who have the chance to feed their interests, and those who are simply curious to approach art in an innovative way through major international productions (Sky Arts, BBC, Channel 4, Arte, PBS, Sundance Channel) as well as the channel’s home-grown productions. With a contemporary and never didactic language, whose key narrative is the contamination of genres, Sky Arte HD takes us on a journey to discover the endless resources of the world's artistic heritage, with special attention to Italy’s outstanding tradition and to talented Italian artists.