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Join us 10 sept. - 11 oct. 2020
Italy and Japan: the Marvellous Liaisons
Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Italy and Japan: the Marvellous Liaisons

In homage to the cultural exchange between Italy and Japan, which has always found a fertile breeding ground in Venice, this room invites visitors to delve into a dialogue between the finest Italian craftsmanship and the inspiring Japanese tradition through demonstrations, workshops and artworks. Discover the heritage surrounding the traditional tea ceremony, and enjoy the 600-year-old art of Ikebana – traditional Japanese flower arranging – in a demonstration by the Venice chapter of the Ohara School, which has been upholding this precious craft since 1912. On display, a selection of objects hand crafted by Italian master artisans but inspired by Japanese culture.

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte

The Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte is a private non-profit organisation founded by Franco Cologni in Milan in 1995. The foundation’s initiatives are primarily focused on young people and the training of the next generation of artisans. It supports and carries out a number of cultural, scientific and educational programmes, including the development of an important collection of publications related to craftsmanship, an innovative apprenticeship scheme, and a title to recognise and celebrate master artisans.