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Join us 10 sept. - 11 oct. 2020
Dressing a Diva
Archivio Duso Dressing a Diva

An exhibition dedicated to the Italian actress Lyda Borelli, wife of Vittorio Cini, who founded the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Rare archival images, videos and documents of the Institute of Theatre and Opera and costumes by world-renowned master tailor Stefano Nicolao will reveal the craftsmanship that goes into creating the allure of a diva. Based in the heart of Venice, master tailor Stefano Nicolao has made period costumes for theatre, opera, ballet, film and television productions all over the world since 1980.

Fondazione Giorgio Cini

The Fondazione Giorgo Cini is a non-profit cultural institution based in Venice, Italy. Established by Vittorio Cini in 1951 with the aim of creating an international cultural centre re-integrating the San Giorgio Maggiore Island into the life of Venice and the region, today it is an important centre of humanistic studies and encourages the creation and development of educational, social, cultural and artistic institutions in the surrounding territory.